Governing bodies

Board of Trustees

This is the governing body of Royal Tapestry Factory and is comprised of:
Institutional Trustees
State Assets / Ministry of Finance
National Heritage
Ministry of Culture and Sport
Regional Government of Madrid
Madrid City Council

Santiago Gastón de Iriarte.

Individual Trustees
General Management

D. Alejandro Klecker de Elizalde


Subsidies received in 2020:

  • Ministry of Culture and Sport. 510,000
Purpose: To financially support the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation, especially in the current circumstances, as a result of COVID-19 and the measures adopted to combat it, the Foundation has seen its revenue from economic activity intended for the general public fall drastically.

  • Regional Government of Madrid. € 500,000
Purpose: To promote, conserve and restore Historical Artistic Heritage of interest for the Regional Government of Madrid. PATRONATO.

  • Madrid City Council. €500,000
Purpose: Contribute to the maintenance of economic viability and support the rescue and sustainability of the Foundation in the year 2020.

Subsidies received in 2021:

  • Ministry of Culture. €510,000

Purpose: To guarantee the development of activities.

  • Regional Government of Madrid. €500,000

Purpose: To finance the conservation, restoration and promotional activities of Historic-Artistic activities of interest to the Regional Government of Madrid.

Madrid City Council.€500,000

Purpose: To contribute to the maintenance of the economic viability of the Royal Tapestry Factory and support the rescue and sustainability of same.