Textile restoration

  • We are dedicated to the conservation and restoration of textile pieces of different kinds, carrying out a specific study for each project.
  • We have specialised and qualified personnel with extensive experience and specialised qualifications
  • We are happy to take on all kinds of projects with different techniques, formats and materials (embroideries, brocades, fabrics)
  • We have extensive facilities dyeing rooms and an immersion washing pool for large-sized textiles.
  • We perform personalised assembly on all kinds of surfaces.
  • We carry out comprehensive restoration in line with the technical criteria of minimal intervention, respect of the original, compatibility of materials, discernible intervention and maximum reversibility.
Certificación ISO
The Royal Tapestry Factory has ISO9001 certification. This standard certifies the Institution for the execution of textile restoration works, shipping and assembly of tapestries, coats of arms and rugs.


The cleaning process requires control and delicacy, as well as prior examination and analysis of the solubility of the dyes. We have qualified staff specialised in conservation of rugs, tapestries and other modern and historic textiles.

Given that the use of these types of textile is utilitarian, the aesthetic appearance and internal composition of the rugs. That’s why professional cleaning of rugs is one of the processes that is essential for preventing their deterioration and ensuring their survival over time.

Poor conservation conditions, such as accumulation of dirt or drastic changes in humidity conditions and continuous exposure to light are some of the determining factors of deterioration.

The Royal Tapestry Factory is specialised cleaning rugs and other textiles, especially large-size ones. We have an aqueous cleaning installation for very advanced immersion, where the piece is cleaned without any form of handling when wet. This system is suitable for tapestries, rugs and other large textiles.

Our professionals are available to travel to remove the pieces to be intervened at the Royal Factory premises, especially adapted for the professional treatment of modern and historic rugs. Once clean and stabilised the rugs are reinstalled in the institutions or private homes at no extra cost to the client.



The team of professionals at the Royal Tapestry Factory is specialised in the restoration of European knotted rugs, but also has a team of experts capable of restoring any type of manual or mechanical rugs.

The materials and products used in the restoration of rugs are adequate to guarantee their conservation. They do not damage the piece or people or the environment.

Our professionals carry out a diagnosis an individualised intervention plan in accordance with the needs of each piece. The process begins with the removal of dirt and the reintegration of the internal structure of the rug. In the case of rugs that are used, if necessary, deteriorated knots can be replaced with new material on an ad hoc basis, guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing and lasting result.

Other Textiles

Coats of arms, flags, standards, civil and military uniforms, embroidery, etc.

Following the principles of the restoration of cultural works and professional ethics, we offer a competitive and complete textile conservation service. Thanks to our extensive experience and how our facilities and equipment, we can assume any kind of project, cataloguing task, study, diagnosis, exhibition intervention, etc. Our intervention processes range from mechanical cleaning for the removal of surface dirt, aqueous cleaning where the job allows it, consolidation processes, assembly and exhibition, preventive conservation, etc. following methodologies in accordance with the principles of conservation and restoration of cultural assets, such as: Reversibility, compatibility of materials, visibility and minimum intervention.