The Royal Tapestry Factory remains active, manufacturing tapestries and following the 18th century tradition.

Manual manufacturing of a tapestry is a delicate process that takes 6 to 12 months of dedication (depending on its complexity) for each square metre. The work begins with the preparation of a “pasteboard”, a full-scale model and the most important tool to guide the weaver during production of the tapestry.

Once the design is approved, all the textile material chosen is dyed individually for each project (wools, silks, etc.).

At the Royal Tapestry Factory, we work with very densities of fabric archiving maximum quality and detail. The weaver uses “cops” loaded with the best threads of wool and silk to reflect the pictorial nuances of the pasteboard in the tapestry.

Each work is adapted to the needs and tastes of the client, who can participate directly in the selection of the design and material. This whole artisan process results in an exclusive piece of the highest quality.