The Royal Tapestry Factory manufactures two different kinds of artisan “knotted” rugs.

The technique consists of the placement different coloured knotted wool threads over the vertical threads of the loom, which compose the warp and can be made from linen or cotton. Successive rows or carreras of small knots to lead to the creation of a compact weave with a fuzzy appearance. These designs remind us of the rich Roman mosaics made using tiles.

First comes the careful selection of materials and the dyes to give colour to the fibres. Both factors are crucial for the aesthetics and durability of the rug and that’s why they are subject to rigorous quality controls. The client can participate in the selection of the materials and colours so that the rug is completely tailored to their needs.

For the production of rugs, the master weavers use Turkish knot or Spanish knot techniques, each of which involve specific aesthetic and technical techniques. Once the weave is completed, the lines of the drawing retouched using the exclusive “trimming” technique, which softens the volume of the figures and makes the rugs of the Royal Factory truly unique craft pieces.