The Royal Tapestry Factory is a leading historic manufacturer in the production and restoration of historic textiles.

The Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation was constituted in 1996 for the following purposes: To promote the Royal Tapestry Factory as an institution which embodies the historical tradition of Spain’s royal factories and their place in European culture.

  • To contribute to the conservation and restoration of tapestries and rugs that constitute part of the historical legacy of the Spanish Crown, and are conserved in the different Royal Residences, Buildings and Museums, overseen by National Heritage and the Public Powers and in general the assets of this nature that form part of our Cultural Heritage.
  • Maintain alive the textile activity of the classic rugs and tapestries and the traditional techniques and creating and sustaining research programmes and new forms and textile techniques of tapestries, rugs and similar, produced within the framework of new aesthetic currents and using pasteboards by contemporary artists.
  • To facilitate the transmission and teaching of textile crafts, conservation and restoration of tapestries and rugs.
  • The creation of laboratories for research into new tapestry restoration and analysis techniques.
  • To make the history activities, techniques and documentation of the Royal Tapestry Factory and its products accessible to all through temporary and permanent exhibitions.
  • Organise conferences, seminars and meetings at national and international level on subjects relating to the history and production of the Royal Tapestry Factory and other similar manufacturers.
  • To foster any activity of general interest in relation to the above.