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Faithful to its informative work, the Royal Tapestry Factory publishes publications linked to its textile activity.

Comics RFT

The secret of the Tapestry. The History of the Royal Tapestry Factory

The first comic published by the Royal Tapestry Factory about its history. Lisa is the main character of the comic. She is a little girl who visits the institution and suddenly finds herself wrapped up in a wonderful adventure.

RFT Books

Royal Tapestry Factory. 300 years. 1721-2021

The book, published on the occasion of the Third Centenary of the Royal Tapestry Factory, analyzes in depth the historical evolution of the Institution, in addition to its historical archive and its link with the rest of the Royal Manufactures existing in these 300 years.

RFT Books

Royal tapestry factory. A story that grows

Designed by Alberto Corazón and Zita Moreno and written by Antonio Sama and Gonzalo Anes, this book offers a tour of the origin, history and activity of the Royal Tapestry Factory.