Our team

Master loom setters

Our Tapestry Department is made up of master loom setters who use thousand-year-old techniques, keeping centuries-old knowledge of traditional textile techniques.

When it comes to manufacturing rugs, tapestries and coats of arms the masters of the Royal Factory make decisions of an artistic nature that are fundamental for guaranteeing the impeccable quality of the products.

Learning these traditional crafts can take as long as 20 years Not only do weavers acquire extensive knowledge of the textile technique itself, but also of illustration, dyes and the history of textiles.

Our Team

Conservationists and restorers of cultural artifacts, specialising in textiles

Conservation and restoration interventions on tapestries and textiles are carried out by a professional team of restorers qualified from the official schools, including Madrid’s, specialising in textiles, graphic documentation and illustration. We also have graduates in conservation and restoration of heritage from the Faculties of Fine Arts, graduates in History of Art, technical experts in restoration of tapestries from the Workshop School of the Royal Tapestry Factory and in Higher Technical Studies in Textile Arts and from the Higher Schools of Art. There are also graduates of the Master’s in Conservation and Restoration of Tapestries and Knotted Rugs at the Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets of Madrid under an agreement with the Royal Tapestry Factory.

This variety of backgrounds and specialisations allows us to undertake projects of great complexity and combinations of techniques, such as illustrated, embroidered and mixed tapestries and civil and religious uniform, etc.