Until 15 February you can visit the Tercentenary exhibition of the Royal Tapestry Factory in the cloister of the Cathedral of Burgo de Osma (Soria).

Summary: The display includes more than 30 pieces, among them tapestries, rugs, coats of arms, pasteboards for tapestries and some of the tools used by our artisans, including: Cops and silks.

This exhibition displays a piece of unquestionable value, Al encuentro del amor, one of the tapestries form the Church of San Millán de Oncala, which the Bishop has loaned to the Royal Tapestry Factory for this travelling exhibition.

More information: https://realfabricadetapices.com/la-real-fabrica-de-tapices-presenta-la-exposicion-de-su-iii-centenario-en-soria/

Photos of Burgo de Osma in the folder Exhibitions, travelling exhibitions.

Upcoming exhibitions:

The exhibition `Royal Tapestry Factory. 300 Years´ can be visited soon in Segovia, Ceuta, Pamplona and Zaragoza.

In each of the cities the exhibition will visit, a piece of special relevance is chosen.