Textile pieces


The Royal Tapestry Factory maintains an important collection of tapestries and rugs manufactured in-house and also deposited here. As well as pasteboards and sketches.

There are also some textile pieces prepared in the factory itself, designed by some of the most important painters in the Factory’s history (Goya, Giaquinto, Juan Gris, Pérez Villalta etc.).

Complementary to the collection of tapestries and rugs, the main tools of the craft like cops, scoops, distaffs and winders are also on display.


Historic Archives

The archives of the Royal Tapestry Factory are a fundamental resource for the study of textile arts in Spain.

In line with the nature of the information held, the archives are organised around two large collections of documents.

– Historic Archives: dedicated to the cataloguing of documentation of the Factory’s own activity.

– Graphic Archive: composed of sketches and pasteboards used in the production of the famous tapestries.

The cataloguing process is currently in its final phase. For this reason and with the aim of fostering knowledge and appreciation of the art of tapestry, the Royal Tapestry Factory in launching a process where you can prepare your own programme of temporary exhibitions that put this unprecedented content of the Archive on display.



In its mission to encourage new artistic creation, the Royal Factory has collaborated with a number of important classical and avant-garde artists.

Works of the following list of artists have already been translated to the language of wool and silk with impeccable results.

Dia Al-Azzawi

Anton Raphael Mengs

Francesco Sabatini

Joaquín Vaquero Turcios

Sonia Delaunay

Marc Chagall

Alfonso Albacete

Guillermo Pérez Villalta

Francisco Goya

Conrado Giaquinto

José María Sert

Manuel Benedito

Alberto Corazón

Keiko Mataki

Jozsef Domjan

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada