The coat of arms banner is a textile task also referred to as “weed bordering”.

Coats of arms are decorative banners used to display on walls, showing the coast of arms, lines nobility etc., with their display associated with all types of institutional representations.

This textile task also referred to as “weed bordering”. It consists of depicting a design with different fragments of fabric cut and superimposed following a design on the background material.

The unions between different fabrics are stitched with thin lace. It is common to resolve the more minuscule issues using direct embroidery where those parts of the design require it.


The Royal Tapestry Factory has an advisory team for the design of manufacturing of coat of arms in the execution of the reasons and in the choice of material.

The Royal Tapestry Factory’s professionals can assume the work in full, from the concept of design of a coat of arms through the completion of the commission.

Tradition shows that these types of designs, the central motif is usually the protagonist. This motif usually occupies the whole work, accompanied by perimeter decoration with taking away from its prominence.

The Royal Factory has an archive of motifs of friezes that can be adapted depending on the design in question. (Decoration in four corners, just the perimeter, etc.)